Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Mouna Guru - Yennaidhu idhu tamil song lyrics

Yennaidhu idhu enna thollai
En manasu ennidam illai
Mounam vandhu milungudhu sollai, yeno ?

Kaalirandum udan vara villai
Un adhayum prindhida villai
Kannimaigal urangida villai, yeno ?, yeno ?

Undhan thanimaiyil ulaginil mudhalurai
oru mugam adik kadi adik kadi varudha ?
Undhan thalaiyanai uraigalil kanavennum poochedi
muthamittu pookalai tharudha ?

Undhan nadai udai bhaavanai sindhanai
Yaavilum pudhu pudhu maatrangal varudha ?
oru chellamazhai pookal kannukulle vandhu
vittu vittu vedhanaigal tharudha ?

Idhu yeno ? oh ..Idhu yeno ?
Yennaidhuvo?  Yennaidhuvo?
ennavendru ayyo puriyaadha
Kannimoodi neye unnai uttru paarthaal
ullam sollaadha ?

Yennaidhuvo?  Yennaidhuvo?
ennavendru ayyo puriyaadha
Ondrum ondrum ondruserndhu
ondraagum unmai puriyaadha?
Yeno? yeno ?               (Yennaidhu idhu ...)

Neram varum varai, en manadhukul nooru thee azhai
Idhu yedhanaalo ? ayyoooh ?
Paarvai orumurai nee paarthadhum saaral palamurai
Idhu yedhanaalo ?  oh ...oh

Ne orumurai paarthaal irudhyam uraiyum
idhuenna idhu yeno ?
Ayyo ne marumurai paarthail irudhyam thudikum
idhuenna idhu yeno ?
Idhu yeno ?.... Ondraaga thozhaindhomo ?

Yennaidhuvo?  Yennaidhuvo?
ennavendru ayyo puriyaadha
Virumbi vandhu maationdaal
mandhirathai ullam sollaaadha ?

Yennaidhuvo?  Yennaidhuvo?
ennavendru ayyo theriyaadha
Thirumba thirumba maatik kollum
thandhirathaal nejjam thullaadha?

Yeno? Yeno? yeno? yeno ?

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